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Camtac started in 1981 with Arthur Heritage as the sole proprietor. Tool making, rifle safes and general engineering paid the bills. In 1986 his eldest son, Joe, joined and together they tackled new projects and ideas. They started making springs and clips as well as the tooling necessary to produce them. Multi-stage pneumatic presses unique to the aluminium industry followed as well as the development of the Camtac Roller. The Roller was patented in 1991.

All the tooling was produced in house. About the same time the Camtac Tracking Valve was developed and since then thousands of these valves serve the mining, sewage and paper industry with their robustness and simplicity.

Guy, Arthur's youngest son, joined in 1992. The Camtac Spraybar started out in HDPE but very soon the material's limitations gave way to the development of the stainless steel Spraybar. Most of the Spraybar's were exported to Australia. In 2005 an oscillating Spraybar was developed for a local paper mill. The simplicity of the control system made it an ideal retrofit for the original equipment. The control system on its own is now being developed to replace the existing electronic and mechanical versions.

Alongside these exciting developments new springs and clips are being produced.